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Screen 9 (Standard) or 18 (Extended) different scaffold variants to zero in on that perfect scaffold for your application.

Once you know exactly which scaffold variants suit your needs, simply head over to our Build-Your-Plate offering to order specific variants.

What you get:

Naming Convention:

SQR-nnn = Square Pore Shape, nnn = Pore Size in Micrometers

TRI-nnn = Triangle Pore Shape, nnn = Pore Size in Micrometers

STAR-nnn = Star Pore Shape, nnn = Pore Size in Micrometers

Mesh Variant MiSK-S Misk-E MaSK-S MaSK-E
SQR-300  X X
SQR-350  X
SQR-400 X X
SQR-450 X
SQR-500 X X
SQR-550 X
SQR-600 X X
SQR-650 X
SQR-700 X X
SQR-750 X
SQR-800 X X
STAR-300 X X
STAR-350 X
STAR-400 X X
STAR-450 X
STAR-500 X X
STAR-550 X
STAR-600 X X
STAR-650 X
STAR-700 X X
STAR-750 X
STAR-800 X X
TRI-300 X X
TRI-350 X
TRI-400 X X
TRI-450 X
TRI-500 X X
TRI-550 X
TRI-600 X X
TRI-650 X
TRI-700 X X
TRI-750 X
TRI-800 X X

Access to protocols for hydrophilicity treatments, sterilisation, cell seeding, fluorescent imaging.


Compatible with:

  • Direct Cell Seeding
  • Seeding of cells embedded in any Hydrogel Matrix (e.g. GelMA, Matrigel®, Fibrin Glue, Agarose etc),

Scaffold Specifications:

  • Medical-Grade Polycaprolactone
  • Fibre Diameter of 150-microns
  • Thickness of 600-microns