Build-Your-Own Plates

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Order specific scaffold variants!

If you know exactly what kind of scaffold you want for your particular application, create your own well-plate with the specific scaffold variant from the drop-down menu before.

Don’t know which scaffold type is perfect for your application?

Use our easy-to-use screening kits to help you screen up to 19 different scaffold variants – enabling you to zero in on that perfect scaffold for your application.

Have a completely custom design in mind? BellaMake's proprietary Scaffold Design Platform allows you to mix-and-match unique architectures to perfectly mimic the physiological and biological properties of tissue being regenerated.


Our 3D cell culture scaffolds are compatible with both:

  • Direct Cell Seeding and/or
  • Seeding of cells embedded in any Hydrogel Matrix (e.g. GelMA, Matrigel®, Fibrin Glue, Agarose etc)


Casting of a cell-embedded Hydrogel matrix onto our scaffolds:

  • Allows for easy handling of the construct during routine cell culture imaging and assays and
  • Prevents the hydrogel matrix from shrinking or growing during the culture process – the scaffolds act as a reinforcing matrix.

Scaffold Properties:

Our 3D cell culture scaffolds are:

  • Solvent-Free.
  • Terminally sterilised by gamma irradiation and ready for use.
  • 600-micron thick to enable efficient nutrient diffusion compatibility with most of your 2D Cell Culture assays.
  • Treated with Plasma in order to promote cell attachment.
  • Easily imaged using standard light microscopy techniques.