BellaSeno's Head of Design presents to the next generation of Biomedical Engineers at the University of Pisa

BellaSeno's, Head of Design, the effervescent Sara Lucarotti, returned to her roots to give an invited talk about her ongoing work with BellaSeno to an auditorium of budding biomedical engineers. Sara discussed her crucial role in the exciting link between biomedical-inspired design and the medical devices of the future.

Taking centre stage was Senella, Sara's main work since joining BellaSeno in 2017. Through her expertise which she garnered through having the ambition to experiment with multiple design philosophies, Sara has iteratively honed Senella to its current impressive form.

Sara is a prime example of a researcher transitioning across to industry and becoming the driving force behind an innovative medical device. She and BellaSeno look forward to the day where her implants are improving lives around the world - she is currently overseeing BellaSeno's first major animal trial in pigs as of May 2019.