Next Generation Scaffolds

Utilising the Design and Additive Manufacturing expertise of BellaSeno's breakthrough Senella® technology platform to create:

1) A wide spectrum of 3D Cell Culture Meshes and Custom Scaffolds for research use.

2) CMO services for medical devices. 

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Application Fields

  • Tissue Engineering & Cancer Research

    BellaMake's proprietary Scaffold Design Platform allows clinicians and researchers to mix-and-match unique architectures to perfectly mimic the physiological and biological properties of tissue being regenerated. 

  • Medical Devices

    As experts in designing and manufacturing 3D mesh structures, BellaMake by BellaSeno offers highly consistent Additive Manufacturing within an ISO Class 7 cleanroom to facilitate your bench-to-bedside transition.

  • Drug Screening

    Screening Kits as well as Build Your Own Plates by BellaMake allow researchers to break down the physiological and pathological complexity of a disease into a number of distinct interactions - helping bridge the gap between traditional 2D cell-culture methods and expensive and labour-intensive animal models.


What cell types are the Screening Kits suited for?

Our Micro Screening Kits are targeted towards bone, osteochondral, and MSC models.

Our Macro Screening Kit is better suited for applications requiring high vascularisation and high nutrient diffusion.

Are the meshes transparent?

Our standard product range is manufactured with opaque polycaprolactone (PCL). We are currently considering a transparent variant - if you're interested, please send us a message.

What stains do you recommend?

We are aware that PCL can overlap with some variants of DAPI and Phalloidin stainings. As such we would recommend the following for cell visualisation:


1) Any DAPI variant which has an excitation wavelength close to 358 nm and emission wavelength close to 461 nm (e.g. Invitrogen D3571)

2) Any Phalloidin variant which has an excitation wavelength close to 495 nm and emission wavelength close to 513 nm. Phalloidin should be FITC-labelled.

We also provide validated DAPI/Phalloidin SOPs for our meshes as standard.

How do you seed cells on BellaMesh?

This depends largely on your cell type - however small volume seeding (<100ul) is generally recommended.

We will provide a standard validated cell seeding SOP as a starting point, and can offer advice to maximise client success regarding cell seeding

What is the purpose of your post-processing treatments?

Plasma treatment serves to facilitate cell attachment by increasing the surface hydrophilicity of PCL through bombardment with ionised gases, without introducing any residual substances. We recommend plasma treatment for best results.

Gamma sterilisation is the gold standard for guaranteed sterility, especially for applications concerning sensitive cultures

Do you recommend any low-cost post-processing alternatives?

We can provide an alternative, unvalidated sterilisation SOP using common lab reagents.


A low-cost unvalidated alternative to plasma treatment is NaOH etching, which we can provide a basic SOP for.

Can you print a mesh in our custom material or a custom design?

Our custom-built 3D Printers and Mesh Design software allow us to produce a wide variety of designs using a variety of different biomaterials. Send us a message to discuss your needs today.


BellaSeno GmbH would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Sachsiche Aufbaubank and European Funds for Regional Development.