Next Generation Absorbable Devices

Utilising the Design and Additive Manufacturing expertise of BellaSeno's breakthrough Senella® technology platform to create:

1) A wide spectrum of 3D Cell Culture Meshes and Custom Scaffolds for research use.

2) ISO 13485-compliant CMO services for sterile absorbable medical devices. 

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Application Fields

  • Tissue Engineering & Cancer Research

    BellaMake's proprietary Scaffold Design Platform allows clinicians and researchers to mix-and-match unique architectures to perfectly mimic the physiological and biological properties of tissue being regenerated. 

  • Medical Devices

    As experts in designing and manufacturing 3D mesh structures, BellaMake by BellaSeno offers highly consistent Additive Manufacturing within an ISO Class 7 cleanroom and compliant to ISO 13485 standard to facilitate your bench-to-bedside transition.

  • Drug Screening

    Screening Kits as well as Build Your Own Plates by BellaMake allow researchers to break down the physiological and pathological complexity of a disease into a number of distinct interactions - helping bridge the gap between traditional 2D cell-culture methods and expensive and labour-intensive animal models.


BellaSeno GmbH would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Sachsiche Aufbaubank and European Funds for Regional Development.